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ES 3-15

magnet is 1555 today.....I like the 59 - 61 zone above for shorts and the 50 - 51 zone below for buys....agressive buys would be at 53 which is the VA low from yesterday ...otherwise it is best not to initiate at 1555
damn..lucky today and I'm only 1/4 Irish...the pattern in general has been to display weakness early and then strength....typical of a bull market move us longs would want to stay above yesterdays lows and then that VA low at 53.25...

so you can see why that air pocket formed off yesterdays RTH lows and hence my initial target...
that's me done at 52.25...they seem to be rejecting the LVN below but I have no ammo and no good place for stops...hour range is here again

YUCK !!!