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Next Rollover 03/09/06 or 03/16/06 ?

all is in the subject ;)
I am 99.9% certain that it will be on the 9th. Rollover will actually begin on the 8th - at 16:30 EST when the session for the 9th starts. Then the volume should switch from March to June between 9 and 10 EST on the 9th.

Rollover is 8 days before expiry. Expiry is the 3rd Friday of the Month. This March, the 3rd Friday is the 17th. This also means that the 2nd Thursday on each quarterly month is the rollover with the exception being months that start on a Friday. In that case the first Thursday will be the rollover day. An example of this is coming up in September this year (2006) where the 1st September is on Friday and so rollover will be on the first Thursday which is the 7th September.

I hope that clarifies more than it confuses.
many thks