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Some Market Profile stats

Since the E-mini S&P500 contract started trading we have seen about 2045 trading days when this posting was made.

How many of those days were neutral, normal and normal variation days?

Here are the facts:
Neutral: 32% (662 days)
Normal: 2% (42 days)
Normal Variation: 65% (1341 days)

Total: 100% (2045 days)

So there are very few Normal days and Normal Variation days outnumber Neutral days by 2 to 1.
what about trend days?
Trend days are usually Normal Variation days but can also be Neutral days. So it would be possible to sub-classify Normal Variation days (and perhaps Neutral days) into trend days or z-days or a combo of the two. One of the problems is how do you objectively classify a trend day. A trend day in one persons definition is not neccessarily a trend day in another's.
what about using your own definition of a trend day?