10/17/2017 Tue : Hot Topic

eSignal Free Trial

If we refer you to eSignal they will give you a free trial for 1 month.
Enter your details and then click the Send button and an eSignal representative will contact you. Alternatively, see further down this page for more details and a toll-free number to call.
  (a copy of the email will be sent to you)

Contact eSignal directly

Contact Andrew Mui at eSignal directly on 1-800-322-1510. Make sure that you tell him that you have been referred by MyPivots in order to get your free trial.

Why eSignal?

Quite simply because it is one of the best charting packages and most reliable data feeds available. Value for money is very hard to beat with eSignal. You may find a cheaper alternative but the alternative will be exactly that - cheaper. When you are trading and your money is on the line you want to know that your charts and data feed are up-to-date with the best charting and data software you can get.

Install eSignal

To install the latest version of eSignal click here.