10/20/2017 FRIDAY : Hot Topic



The Pit Simulator (PitSim) makes a click every time X number of contracts are traded. As the market picks up momentum and more contracts are traded in a short period of time, this indicator will make more clicks rapidly in succession and you will audibly be able to track how active your market is without watching the volume bar.


The Bar Speed indicator shows you how quickly a bar on your non-time-based chart has developed. This is the equivalent of having a volume indicator on a time based chart. If you're using a volume based chart then the volume indicator is meaningless and you are missing out on this vital bit of information. A tick based chart proxies a volume based chart with an approximate 97% accuracy which implies that the volume indicator is also meaningless on a tick based chart.


The Bid/Ask is designed to show the net number of contracts that traded on the bid or ask price during the development of each bar/candle during trading. This indicator will work on a time, tick or volume based chart but we believe that it is most effective if used on a volume based chart for the market that you are tracking.