ES Thursday 9/21/2017 : Hot Topic


The XPivot indicator displays the pivot points for today based on the values generated in the market from weekday D looking back N days where D is a day of the week (such as Friday) and N is a number of days. Defaults to looking back 5 days from previous Friday and so will display the same values as WPivot except when there is a holiday in the previous week.


This indicator and all our other indicators are available to Premium Members.

The XPivot automatically calculates Pivots by using the High, Low and Close from the range of days specified by the trader. This indicator is useful if you want to look back a fixed number of trading days from a specific day in the past.

This indicator is relatively easy to use and configure with its parameters and as such no further information is given here. The general PivotTool provides more guidance as to how this type of indicator works.

If, however, you would like more information on this tool then please make a request in the forum.

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