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The Pit Simulator (PitSim) makes a click every time X number of contracts are traded. As the market picks up momentum and more contracts are traded in a short period of time, this indicator will make more clicks rapidly in succession and you will audibly be able to track how active your market is without watching the volume bar.


You will develop an instinct for what is normal speed and what is active speed and so you will know when to look at your charts again or focus on the markets. We find this an invaluable tool to allow us to sit back and rest out eyes during the market without having to take our ears off the market.

This indicator is the equivalent of a squawk box but for electronically traded contracts. The squawk box keeps you in contact with what is happening in the pit and you can immediately hear the pick up in volume and activity in the pit but how do you do the same with an electronic only market? You use the Pit Simulator.


The Pit Simulator has 2 parameters:



Sound Every X Contracts Sounds the Sound File every X contracts. Default 200 contracts.
Sound File Select from 10 different sound files. Default 0 (click). If you don't like the click then change to one of the other sounds.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you want one sound every (say) 200 contracts and a different sound every (say) 5,000 contracts then load the Pit Simulator twice and change the parameters to a different number of contracts and different sound for each indicator. (Remember that you can load the indicator as many times as you want on the same chart.)
  • If you want to keep audible track of multiple markets (if your ears can keep up with it) then change the sounds on each chart that you load it onto.


All the indicators mentioned here are available to Premium Members.

Other indicators in this Pack/Series:

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