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This is the ultimate Market Profile ® assistant. It tracks the Developing Value Area (high and low: DVAH and DVAL) and POC (Point of Control) on a normal bar chart (or candle chart) and shows you the changes over the day. Also optionally shows the Value Area and POC for the same day. It will automatically draw in Single Print lines as they are created. This tool also alerts you on the half hour that a bracket has been completed and will optionally pop-up a visible alert showing you what the rotation factor (aka split count) for that symbol is.


The IBTool draws the Initial Balance (IB) and double the Initial Balance on your chart at a specified time of day. The Initial Balance and double these values are essential element of Market Profile ® trading. This tool will also give you a breakdown of the largest and smallest Initial Balance that has occurred for all the data that you have loaded as well as the average Initial Balance. This immediately lets you know if the current Initial Balance is larger or smaller than the average, largest, and smallest Initial Balances seen in the data that you have loaded.


The ORTool draws the Opening Range (OR) and the outer lines on your chart at a specified time of day.


Calculates and displays your own custom pivots on the chart. This indicator is extremely flexible but requires you to manually enter the High, Low, and Close that you want the pivots calculated off. From there it gives you many options on how and were to draw the lines. (In this pack there are also automated pivot indicators: DPivot, XPivot, WPivot)


The DPivot indicator displays the pivot points for today based on the values generated in the market in the previous 1 or more trading sessions. Defaults to Daily Pivots but this can be changed by the user through the options.


The XPivot indicator displays the pivot points for today based on the values generated in the market from weekday D looking back N days where D is a day of the week (such as Friday) and N is a number of days. Defaults to looking back 5 days from previous Friday and so will display the same values as WPivot except when there is a holiday in the previous week.


The WPivot indicator displays the pivot points generated by the previous week's market action. (Differs from XPivot in that it only includes days from the previous week while XPivot looks back N number of days and if there is a market holiday in that week then XPivot would also include 1 day from the week prior to that if the day was set to a Friday.)


Shows the Open, High, Low and Close lines from the previous trading session.


The FibTool automatically draws Fibonacci retracement lines across your chart using the high and low price during a specified time period as the extreme values to perform those calculations. The FibTool automatically adjusts its values as the high and low are breached.


Changes the color of the bars for each day allowing the trader to distinguish each day separately. This tool designed for Market Profile ®.

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