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I cannot get my eSignal ES Market Profile to match that shown in your Daily Notes today.
Mine is at 1184.75, whilst yours is 1185.25 (yesterday's level).
I have my Tick factor set to 1 and it usually lines up ok.
Any ideas?
My VA is back in tune with yours today Guy.
Yesterday must have just been some computer glitch.
I'm itching to write a little utility like the pivot point calculator that will allow you to load a series of highs and lows (in a file or by hand) onto a page on the web and have it do an MP chart for you. It would solve so many of the inconsistencies that we see in these charting programs. I was toying with creating something like that in Excel but was trying to do it just with functions and without using macros but I found that the functions weren't powerful enough and decided that if I was going to do it with macros then I might as well write the code in C# and put it in a web page to give it to more people to use. I need more time...