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A frequently asked question in our forum is: Where can I learn more about Market Profile?
The most common answer is to read Jim Dalton's book Mind Over Markets.

Jim Dalton also wrote a sequel to Mind Over Markets called Markets in Profile.

A Market Profile is the arrangement and presentation of market action as a vertically aligned bell curve. Here is an example of a market profile:

1285.00 M
1284.75 HM
1284.50 DEGHM
1284.25 DEGHM
1284.00 DEGHM
1283.75 DEFGHIMN
1283.50 DEFGHIMN
1283.25 DEFGHIMN
1282.50 DFGJKLMN
1282.25 DJKLMN
1282.00 DJKLMN
1281.75 DJKLMN
1281.50 DLMN
1281.25 DLMN
1281.00 LMN
1280.75 LMN
1280.50 MN

Each series of letters represent a 30 minute time bracket and placing that letter against the price indicates that the market traded at that price during that time bracket.

Compare this against a Volume Profile.

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