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Printing problems with wide charts

I received an email about problems printing out this topic: MP S&P Jun 27

I was wondering how I can print out individual posts...I am especially interested in the MP thread and charts that AlleyB has posted...

I'm also wondering why I have to scroll so far over to the right to read most messages....I have a 20 inch monitor with what I consider a normal size font for reading......It's frustrating to me to have to scroll left and right to read entire messages....perhaps I have something not set correctly...

The problem is that the image that AlleyB posted was almost 1700 pixels wide which is too wide for most screens and certainly for printers.

It was probably a mistake on AlleyB's part to post the image as it was because it had a whole lot of white space to the right. As such I edited the first image and reduced its width. It should fit into the average monitor's width now and if you click the Print Friendly link above the topic it should come out in a more printable format now - it certainly looks better on my print preview.

Not sure what the long term solution to this is though. The software doesn't automatically adjust the width of images to fit the screen. I'm not sure if browsers have settings which can force images to be narrower to make the display more manageable and printable. If anybody else has any suggestions about this then please reply to this topic.