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Dow Nov 17th

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Ring High and Ring Low? Are these generally known trading terms/concepts or something that you have discovered/coined?
I am guessing that this is an alleyb invented word because I searched on MSN, Yahoo, and Google and could not find anything that relates to Market Profile with those words.
I believe that I first heard Larry Williams refer to this. There is nothing mysterious it is the fastest turning signal that just about everyone has used at one time or another and frankly I doubt anyone can lay claim to being the so called inventor. It refers to a significant turning point where the close is below the low of the high and the close is above the high of the low. The relevant word here is significant
If I understand you correctly Alleyb this is a pattern of sideways movement and the close is in this position when it is lower than the lowest high over X bars and higher than the highest low over the same number of bars?