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ES Ascending Triangle (Bear Flag) Correction

..False breakout confirmed.

At the open in this evening's international session we will move into the 4th wave of a failed 3rd in the 5th initiating the continuation of the bear impulse market.

I'll post targets in this thread before the open.

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Nice scalp, Kool.
Man, all that work and "yes, sir" Quants in the pockets of BSD maneuvered around every single blasted bull trap made in two sessions. The FED bails out weak companies, the government bails out what the FED can't afford to be seen bailing out, the government then crafts tentative laws where prices of corps are fixed until enough worthless money is pumped back into the markets to account for all of the losses. People short the hell out financials, they don't budge, and now the men who own the politicians rig the set.

It's Corporate Fascism. Not to mention going against everything this Country's tenets stand for, without letting weak companies fail and allowing competitors assume their business the deflationary cycles only get worse.

Buy it if you want to. Line your pockets! But know it's a sham and part and parcel of destroying what little is relevant of the U.S. Constitution!