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ES 09-18-08

Here's to another great session.
selling one at 1181.25.
quick exit at 1179.75.
order in to buy 2@ 1176.25
stopped at 1173.50. down 8.5 due to a lousy globex session.
Anyone care to offer their prospective on the day?
I'm thinking it will be a trend up , but it's just a gut feeling based on how oversold things got at the close yesterday.
Kool, I hear ya, I had a lousy globex too, reminded me again why I don't trade those hours often.
LEI and Philly Fed at top of hour
selling 2@ 1173.50
MS in talks with China Investment Corp to raise their MS stake to 49%
stopped at 1176.50.down 6 handles today. Pop, my views are pretty well known. I believe a trend up began yesterday. Ithink it will be significant over the next couple weeks. Not so sure the bear market is over tho.
stopped of course...up 8.5 handles today.. thats it for me. A move above 1205 confirms the 45 cycle low is in and you know the rest of my opinion for the near term... c ya tonite gang!