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Globex 10-10-08

WELL, here we go again! looking to buy a few calls at 889 or lower tomorrow. But for any one following , you better have a real nimble finger on the exit button, just in case!
buying one at 914.75, 4.5 stop
buying one more at 910.50
avg. price now 912.50, stop at 909.50 on the 2
proj. is 915.50 but ill get out at 914 area
dam, movin fast1 missed my exit by 1 tick so i went market on d got filled at 912.00! down 1 handle and feel lucky at that!
sold one 909.00 willcover at the daily session low!
ill cover at 906.50 if given the chance.
lowering stop to 911.50
stopped for a 2.5 loss. down 3.5 now
selling 2 @ 911.00
I'll add some more when we break that 900, IF we break it