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Globex 10-10-08

WELL, here we go again! looking to buy a few calls at 889 or lower tomorrow. But for any one following , you better have a real nimble finger on the exit button, just in case!
4 point stop, should have waited for 889.00
stopped out ... down 1.5 handles onthe day...watching
short 2@ 984.25, 3 point stop
out here
up 4 today now 889.00 was the proj. ...well see what she does!
yup, told ya!... off to sleep for 3 hours before trading today.. been living on 4 hours all week.

You got energy to burn
I'm long from 864.25...looking for 910.........eventually....will try and pair out as needed.....I gotta buy those SPY calls thing that we can see at the open is an immediate push down to buy into...if we rally up first then wait for the retest down for the buy point....
first target point is 893....
I'll add some more when we break that 900, IF we break it