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ES 10-17-08

Here we go! Another rough beginning, followed by a strong afternoon?
Yeah kool,

its started when the market fell.
If the market can get below 961 it'll be a nice sell off
trying to buy down here closer to 959
long one at 961.50, 4.5 stop
wow, just blewthru the 5 min boll avg!
covering here
okay, sold +8 I am done, nice finish.
whwew... out too late at 969.50, but hey at plus 8 handles that was my best trade all day!
Its just plain tough out here,Joe , i went from up 17 to down 2 to up 19! should probably quit now!
if by some chance weve seen the daily high, then finally this excessive volitility will be slightly easing. Daily range would be 79.75, the smallest all week. Still got expiration to deal with tho.
Originally posted by BruceM

how about a close above a weekly least give us that Mr. Market.....944 is that number

Bruce you must be correct its Mr./Miss. Market