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Globex 10-23-08

Buying this 895 area...
I see that the closing ticks went over 800 again yesterday! Man, this market just cant catch a break!... Reasons for the scalp buy: downside price proj. of 894.00 which was just completed. Put on a 4 point stop because the 5 min. chart has room to go on the downside still.
long 2 @ 895.50, 4 point stop..
OUT AT 901.25, PLUS 5.75 THERE, raising the stop on the other to 894.75
Iwill cover the bal. at 898.25
stopped on that one at 894.75 for a loss of .75.. up 5.00 on the session
whats ur proj for today kool

short 1 @ 897.00 target 892 - 893
then buy for target above 900

not 997
first push into value rejected - LVA 904.75
price proj ?


for today

Are you going to open up the Non Globex Thread?