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ES 10-23-08

Man missed that great short at +8, had an important call.
Bought more at 908
FWIW ...proj from 881.50 is 920 area
selling one 916
Sold it all 915 haha I love those $TICK
Nice short kool, I would have joined you but was in a trade.
covering 912
out at 912.00, plus 4 ,, initialy it goes to 909
Positive day, but Nas is woefully lagging... and then there is those dam closing ticks9decline due by th close or fri open,...or sooner!)
May take an hour or so but methinks we'll see that 896 magnet at least once more!
trying to sell 916.00
that was a cool ending......
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

bingo on the 894 Bruce