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Definition of 'NYSE TICK'

This is the NYSE Cumulative Tick. Most feed vendors source this figure directly from the NYSE where it is calculated every 6 seconds.

The $TICK represents the net ticks of all stocks on the NYSE.

The tick is the direction in which the price of a stock moved on its last sale. An up-tick means the last trade was at a higher price than the one before it and a down-tick means the last sale price was lower than the one before it. A zero-plus tick means the transaction was at the same price as the one before, but still higher than the nearest preceding different price. A zero-plus tick is not used in the calculation of $TICK.

If 500 stocks ticked up, 250 ticked down, and the rest remained unchanged then the value of $TICK would be +250. If 1200 stocks ticked down and 50 ticked up then $TICK would be -1150.

Day traders use the value of $TICK in timing when to enter long and short trades and when at extremes this is sometimes an indicator to exit a trade.

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