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Globex 10-29-08

Looks like i missed some fire works. Not un expected tho, as i have expected a solid rally this week stretching to the election or 2 days after. Itll have to be decent enough for the bulls to believe the bear is over.The perfect set up for a decline into the 45 day low due mid Nov.!
SOrry , was busy posting at another website. I did go short 2 @ 931.75 and was stopped 2.5 handles later for a loss of 5. now down 3.5 on the day. tried again at 933.75 and remain short 2 from that level. Looking to cover around the 928 level
price proj. is more like 924 area(at a minimum) and there is a mini low due just before 7:30. Heres hopeing!
rough beginning ! stopped again at 936.25 loss of 2.5 on each. now down 8.5 on the session, just sold again at 937.50 since my price proj is 938
will cover 934 or so
stopped on one es at 940 ..loss of 2.5 ..watching
selling 2 @ 943.50
play a wide 6 point stop allowing for a run to 948, but hoping the sq of 9 at 946 turns it
covering 940.75(i hope!).
covered at 941.75... just too chicken here ,plus 1.75 twice , still down 7.5 on the session tho
buying 2 @943.25
well, i guess it should be obviuos where the ultimate price projection was! I knew it too! and THEY NEVER FILLED MY ORDER! [email protected]#[email protected]#@#!