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Globex 10-29-08

Looks like i missed some fire works. Not un expected tho, as i have expected a solid rally this week stretching to the election or 2 days after. Itll have to be decent enough for the bulls to believe the bear is over.The perfect set up for a decline into the 45 day low due mid Nov.!
order to sell 933.00
that should be it 7:07 is .618 of the entire decline from 942.75 in terms of time.
ill cover at 931.25, cause i have to get ready for work soon
out at 931.50, plus 1.5 on the trade and session....
AND now the expected decline into the 7:23 time frame.
well, gotta get to work! SEE every one tomorrow am!
selling 2@ 931.75
whats ur price proj for today kool

what is ur traget kool
well, i guess it should be obviuos where the ultimate price projection was! I knew it too! and THEY NEVER FILLED MY ORDER! $!@#$@#@#!