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ES 10-30-08

any one trading here

out at 950.75, plus 2.25, up over 27, one more trade left.. a short around 957-958.50 area
proj is only 957.25, but im hoping for a one handle over shoot so my stop can be just above the 961 sq of 9 number
in additon to high volume area areound 57-58 we have singles 959.75-963.5
If not yet long there is a ton of support at 944-946.50 area!
Kool, it looks like one of those bowls are forming on the 15 minute. What do you think?
low due 2:44-49
2:48-9 seems most likely to me
hoping for 945 to buy but time is running out!
WHoop..there it is!
gap left 947.75-949.50
Yeah, Prest. I miss his imput!.. gotta go shopping ,see all tomorrow!