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ES 10-30-08

any one trading here

And theres the expected gap fill...buying
long one at 948.25, stop at 944.25,looking for 957-963
As long as 945 holds , minimum upside appears to be 960.25 give or take.
Margie, very possible , all the more reason to be long here to at least 957-960, hope fully a tiny bit higher!
covering 9dont want to get too greedy!)
out at 957.00,plus 8.75.. up around 34 and done for the day!
Great job Kool. Bruce would love that high volume area 958 reversal
See where the 5 min 54 exp avg is? 946.25, thats your buy area
id cover quick tho cause from here on out longs are risky.
Yeah, Prest. I miss his imput!.. gotta go shopping ,see all tomorrow!