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ES 10-31-08

1short @ 49 area
Ok gang , im back ! Because im asked so much how i do what i do i whipped up something at . Got to forums, then scroll down to the methodoligies topic its under the technical analysis forum, price and time subforum. it documents with charts from 2 trades i did this morning (plus 8 handles total)
just went short one from the 1 min avg. at 953.00, 3 point stop
covering here
out at 951.50,plus 1.5 there up 9.5.. watching
selling 2
short 2@ 951.50, but quick exit around 10:48
covering now!
PERFECT EXIT! OUT AT 947.75...PLUS 3.75 O/N 2 ES. Now up 17.0and going out for coffee. back in 20 min.
selling here
covering 952-3 area
Thanks again Kool. Can you let me know when you discuss and explain price projection. I am very interested.