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ES 11-5-08

FWIW...the 5m projects down to 982.50
IF were at 975.50-977.50then i may sell there(tho it wouldnt be 3:00 yet!)
problem is the 5 min chart'wants' 979.25, but if i can get real close to 978 ill sell any way!
5 min avg is at 978.00
5 min boll is 970.37
theres your little top,girl.. right on schedule! your getting good at this!
coulda nailed 1-2 handles there easy!
selling here 973.00
1 min avg is 971.00
covering 971.50 or so
BINGO! See how easy, Margie? plus 1.5 up 5.75 on the day (thanks to Margie!)
BUT HEY,awin is a win, right? and it was my best scalp of the day!