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ES 11-5-08

FWIW...the 5m projects down to 982.50
5 min boll avg now 970.75 , if it cant hold there it runs to 967 minimum!
man 2.40 top and short @ 973

u guys r killers...

this weekend gonna read ur chart and gonna take some notes... it would be good KOOL if you publish a book about price and time.

i will be buyer no1...
LOL , thx Akola ... who knows?
if we dont take out this low both 15m & 5m project to 993
MAN, its still acting like it wants either 964 or that 959 target! BUT id cover a lot earlier Akola!
next mini low around 2:56 or so
you can still make a case for 977 or so is why!
ill sell one at 977.00 if hit, 3 point stop
cycle high 2:25 cst? is that right Kool?
BUT HEY,awin is a win, right? and it was my best scalp of the day!