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Globex 11-06-08

well only time for one attempt before i get ready for work. im puttin in a buy order to buy one at 944.50, 2 point stop
selling 943.50(though 41.50 may hold it!)
For planning purposes for today, there are pit session singles 942.75-947, 926.75-929.75 and 912.25-918.5. Sq 9s @ 916, 931, 946. VAL 950.5.
Once again i called that perfectly and had my order at 943.50 but no fill! its gonna be another one of those days!
THX ,Prest, very useful information!
buying the low!
wow 30 pts move up and down in 1 hr..

which low??
i guess i will wait till 8.30 or weekly jobless claims...

run baby run!(long @ 940.00, 3 point stop)
I GIVE UP.. YHE boyz MUST HAVE MY COMPUTER TAPPED! MUST HAVE MY COMPUTER TAPPED!ill watch the open ...see ya on the ES thread!