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Globex 11-06-08

well only time for one attempt before i get ready for work. im puttin in a buy order to buy one at 944.50, 2 point stop
that is also the 5m - 956.50
order to buy 942.00 (proj is 941.75)
prob. is this is the 5 min 54 exp avg..944.50
1 min is 943.75, so you hate to see those broken if your bullish!
But , what the heck, ill try it any way
See how powerful these averages are! Whether it breaks or not , it always has trouble there
still buying @ 42.00
order cancelled...sigh!
this stall is the 5 min boll avg at 942.20
the reason i cancelled is if it breaks this itll travel a bit farther!
I GIVE UP.. YHE boyz MUST HAVE MY COMPUTER TAPPED! MUST HAVE MY COMPUTER TAPPED!ill watch the open ...see ya on the ES thread!