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Globex 11-18-08

just getting it warmed up for you kool...congrats on a outstanding job today.

1m 43.75 & 42.75
5m 43.75/62.50
15m 828/935.75
ooops...this was supposed to be globex

changed the heading sorry for confusion
Morning, gang! just got up and need to study the action for a bit . Today should be a 'critical' day!
so9 @ 827*
selling 834.25(still trying to catch up)
the 42/43.75 were reached...working on the 15m 28
Im thinking that my long held level from the long term charts(weekly) of 812-13 may actually come in to play today. Still studying...short one from 834.25
stopped at the 5 min avg..837.25.. loss of 3 for the session..watching...studying
order in to sell @ 38.50
missed it...canceled
im short on a chase from 836.25(2).. 1 min down proj is 831.75 minimum, has to get thru the avg at 834.50 first!
See ya on the ES thread!...watching