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Globex 11-18-08

just getting it warmed up for you kool...congrats on a outstanding job today.

1m 43.75 & 42.75
5m 43.75/62.50
15m 828/935.75
837.50was the upside 1 min proj...just hit 837.25, hope thats it!
I have 835.50 as a fib
bingo on 837.50!
38 is S1...been trying to get over it for 2 hrs
im going to cver 835.00, cause the 5 min boll avg is 834.39 and the 1 min avg(54)is 834.75 and i dont have time to watch it ..need to study!
wow, 2 hrs!LOL.. i still have downside 5 min proj to 831.50 area
see that nice slow drift up on the 1 min chart for the last 40 min or so? the bottom is tracking the 1 min avg perfectly(currently 835.87). Sooner or later she'll break it!(i hope)
just got filled at 835.00 on both.. plus 2.50 total.. down half a handle.... studying
5 min down proj ...828.25, 1 min down proj. 831.50.. both negated at 838.00
Mr Koolblue
One question. I was just reading your presentation. I cant figure out how you used A 1586.50 and point B 1406.25 and came to 1114.61 as the projected low. TIA RBurns
See ya on the ES thread!...watching