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ES 11-28-08

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! The markets sure are. I see my 891 was finally achieved last nite. Next higher projection would be the daily projection around 904.50-905.50.
out 89.50...i now have confirmed sell signal
theres the 1 min avg 888.50
just a feeling we push higher into close
hope its wrong kool
ugh ,got me at 887.75 loss of 3, now down one on the day.. next buy soon! and 2 this time!
5 min avg is 885 and rising ... watching
61.8 retrace of last lil upswing
buying close above 88.50
short 2 at 888.25, for a quick cover
Originally posted by koolblue


There were over 5k contracts to short at 905.00 that werent a fake they stayed there while being hit and until 1 min b4 the close.