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ES 11-28-08

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! The markets sure are. I see my 891 was finally achieved last nite. Next higher projection would be the daily projection around 904.50-905.50.
if we do push higher they're going to make us work for it
l @ 89.25
stupid short since im also expecting a run up into the close but ...sigh.. still alive for now
out at my stop , down! (7)
down 4 on the day now- rrrrrrrrrg
long 2@ 90 75 now... hoping the chart i posted is tellin it true!
give us at least the +50% IB !!!!!
stop to 89.75
1 off @ 91.25...will try for 95
stopped...sorry kool wasnt trying to mess your trade up I just had buy signal
Originally posted by koolblue


There were over 5k contracts to short at 905.00 that werent a fake they stayed there while being hit and until 1 min b4 the close.