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Globex 12-01-08

hey gang, here we go.. another fun week (especially tues-wed)... short one from 896.00, looking for 891.50 , planning to cover 892.50
oh yeah! wants it bad and hourly proj. could be 1 handle lower so a small overshoot would not surprise me.
1 min proj is 888.00 and 1 min avg is 888.25 and falling ... we'll see ...
i see 5 min avg is 888 area also
881 of course came from the 15 min projection which over the last month or 2 has been very close! Thats why i call it 'deadly'!
5M as well
what time you have to clock in?
8:30, but it takes about 20 min to get there... so ill have to sign off in a few... 5 min avg 887.75, 1 min avg 887.10, 15 min boll avg 887.75
Kool what is your setting for bollinger bands>
SEE? even this 5 min bar just said 880.75, as long as 885.75 isnt touched again first!
well, got to get ready, friend, ill see ya 6:30 in the morn! Good luck!
Going to take a snooze till about 10:00 ... c ya soon!