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ES 12-1-08

Daily PP = 889
Weekly PP = 858.50

D: 1128.50
60m: 905.75, 910.25 / 860.75, 836
15m: 900.75, 905, 913.25 / 867, 864.50, 855.75
5m: 901.50, 905, 910 / 865.75

I will be paying close attention to the 905 area, as we have 60m, 15m, 5m projections there and that is the .618 retrace from the 11/5 H
56 handles off of the 897.50 peak already! Is there some kind of news out or something?
and yes margie i trade from 610t

Man! if this is the daily low, and i have my doubts, the daily chart is already going to call for 750! Could be the expected retest beginning (a lot sooner than i would have guessed!)
National Agency of economic research confirmed we are in a reccession today ..who knew
36.50 is 38.2 retrace from daily swing H and swing L on ES.D
for clarification that would be the 11/21 L and 11/28 H
ROFL. thats good to know , i was worried about a depression!!! still buying 836.00... mini low due at 12:48
well the mini low at 12:48 was a non event! denoteing severe bearishness perhaps?
bruce whats your thoughts on the Dow leading to downside today?
its not really leading... dow down 5.10%, spx down 6.07%, nas 5.80%
wow I left for lunch an hour ago. Missed this continuation on the downside. dang
Originally posted by redsixspeed

prior IB hi 832 / -100% of today IB 830.25

we're back to the 32.00 area/ had a 30min. close
under then above now heading back under