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ES 12-1-08

Daily PP = 889
Weekly PP = 858.50

D: 1128.50
60m: 905.75, 910.25 / 860.75, 836
15m: 900.75, 905, 913.25 / 867, 864.50, 855.75
5m: 901.50, 905, 910 / 865.75

I will be paying close attention to the 905 area, as we have 60m, 15m, 5m projections there and that is the .618 retrace from the 11/5 H
true, Palmer , i did, but that proj was invalidated when we went below 851.00
taking a scratch
i need some private coaching on this :). I have been following for 3 weeks but dont seem to be getting the validation stuff
there trying to accept price above that high volume low....good longs will try and target 62 and higher..of course new lows and full one minute bars below those lows will be trouble
single prints exist up above too..sure doesn't look like it wants to go up though
ill buy 845.25 and sell 857.50, at least for now...
stopped out at 48.25..losing campaign for me
Palmer when ever a projection is given , where ever the projection started from is its invalidation point! Because ,think about it if your projecting a higher price , your using a low to get the projection and if that low is touched or exceeded again its no longer the low! then the other bar is!
current proj. im working off of is 844.75, trying to buy 855.25(one only)
Originally posted by redsixspeed

prior IB hi 832 / -100% of today IB 830.25

we're back to the 32.00 area/ had a 30min. close
under then above now heading back under