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Globex 12-08-08

evening all! Im looking to sell early probably around 876 or slightly lower. proj is 863 unless 879.50 is touched
i still dont know what that was all about...out 1 @ 70.50
covered at 870.25, only cause i gotta get ready for work!, plus 1.75 up 3.75 on the day
i really wish i had time to see that one thru to 863.. but oh well!
flat @ 70
but anyway the 1 min and 5 min are a little oversold so maybe i did right... 15 min just gave its sell tho
mini low coming at 7:14.. gotta shower back in a few!
next objective up after we finally break that 877 zone would be 888.50
then 895-6 and finally 905... still think we could see 861-3 first tho... or even lower
if we have a good day up tomorrow we can hit 905
yeah kool I think they will try and move it looking at the top of the dt channel (Daily) that would come in somewhere around 900-915 for put buying
I think 910-911 is good short