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Globex 12-08-08

evening all! Im looking to sell early probably around 876 or slightly lower. proj is 863 unless 879.50 is touched
hey VO- how you doing
might not be a bad play since ihave numbers at 905 and 911 and closing ticks fri were way over plus 800 again! That means a decline starts anytime between now and wed
really we had closing ticks above 800 on friday?- hmm I will watch this push this time
im great palmer and you?
just played soccer so alittle sore
VOwater and KOOL did you notice that 905 is 61.8% of the last highs of 1008 to the 739 lows.
874 was 50% of the move obviously area where we closed friday
the SSO is the 2x S/P...that is what I used for puts the other day...dont know if you have noticed, but they now have 3x etf's!...liquidity is an issue right now with them but as they catch on - what a vehicle
yep i noticed the 3xETF - like FAZ
dosent mean we cant go up first ,Palmer!
I think 910-911 is good short