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Globex 1-07-09

GOOD MORNING ALL! Ill be a buyer at 923.50
well i guess the 913area is next and probably 911.25
morning- what the news? why the early downside?
Maria, i think this might help... this is where the call for 940.75 came from....
unfortunately my chart wont scroll back far enough on the 1 min to see the actual proj on that one at that time ...sorry!
i know ill be selling 921.50, since the 1 min proj up is 921.75...negated if 916.75 is touched again tho!
SELLING 920.50
short one 920.50....
conservative players might want to wait for 922.50, but what the heck! you know me!
covered at 920.00 plus 05 now down 1 on the day... order to sell 922.25 and switching to the es thread...
l @ 14