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Daily Trades SP-Dow-NQ-Dax-FTSE

I will start posting trades here Daily around 6pm EST for US market, and 6am GMT for EU market. Aggressive traders may enter trades as soon as they are posted. Conservative 30 min before market opens. All orders Order Cancels Order. All trades to be closed at Market Close. Results will be posted Daily as well.

SP BUY 1073.00 TP1 1075.00 TP21078.00 SL 1063.00
SP SELL 1046.00 TP1 1044.00 TP21041.00 SL 1056.00
DOW BUY 9840.00 TP1 9850.00 TP2 9865.00 SL 9815.00
DOW SELL 9628.00 TP1 9618.00 TP2 9603.00 SL 9653.00
NQ BUY 1747.00 TP1 1749.00 TP2 1752.00 SL 1737.00
NQSELL 1698.00 TP1 1696.00 TP2 1693.00 SL 1708.00

today's results: Dow Tp1+10, tp2+25, SP tp1-7 and tp2-7 ( at the close came 0.5 from Tp1), NQ tp1-7 and tp2-7 ( first losss this month on NQ)

oct23 Trades:
SP BUY 1105.00 TP1 1107.00 TP2 1110.00 SL 1098.00
SP SELL 1080.00 TP1 1078.00 TP2 1075.00 SL 1087.00
DOW BUY 10159.00 TP1 10169.00 TP2 10184.00 SL 10134.00
DOW SELL 9945.00 TP1 9935.00 TP2 9920.00 SL 9970.00
NQ BUY 1781.00 TP1 1783.00 TP2 1786.00 SL 1774.00
NQSELL 1750.00 TP1 1748.00 TP2 1745.00 SL 1757.00
Dr. Frank Poole: Well, whaddya think?
Dave Bowman: I'm not sure, what do you think?
Dr. Frank Poole: I've got a bad feeling about him.
Dave Bowman: You do?
Dr. Frank Poole: Yeah, definitely. Don't you?
Dave Bowman: [sighs] I don't know; I think so. You know of course though he's right about the FuturesAlpha 9000 series having a perfect operational record. They do.
Dr. Frank Poole: Unfortunately that sounds a little like famous last words.
Dave Bowman: Yeah? Still it was his idea to carry out the failure mode analysis experiment. Should certainly indicate his integrity and self-confidence. If he were wrong it would be the surest way of proving it.
Dr. Frank Poole: It would be if he knew he was wrong. Look Dave I can't put my finger on it but I sense something strange about him.

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Originally posted by FuturesAlpha

BUY DAX 5830.00 TP1 5855.00 SL 5790.00
SELL DAX 5698.00 TP1 5673.00 SL 5738.00

No Trades Entered Today for DAX
Originally posted by FuturesAlpha

BUY FTSE 5218.00 TP1 5228.00 SL 5198.00
SELL FTSE 5111.00 TP1 5101.00 SL 5131.00

-8 Points on FTSE today
BUY DAX 5873.00 TP1 5898.00 SL 5833.00
SELL DAX 5753.00 TP1 5728.00 SL 5793.00
Originally posted by FuturesAlpha

BUY DAX 5873.00 TP1 5898.00 SL 5833.00
SELL DAX 5753.00 TP1 5728.00 SL 5793.00

+25 Points on Dax Today
Results for Oct 23: Dow tp1+10, tp2+25, SP tp1+2, tp2+5, NQ tp1 +2, tp2 +3 ( at the close)
Trades for Oct.26th:
SP BUY 189.68 TP1 191.68 TP2 194.68 SL 182.68
SP SELL 1064.00 TP1 1062.00 TP2 1059.00 SL 1071.00
DOW BUY 10032.00 TP1 10042.00 TP2 10057.00 SL 10007.00
DOW SELL 9828.00 TP1 9818.00 TP2 9803.00 SL 9853.00
NQ BUY 1770.00 TP1 1772.00 TP2 1775.00 SL 1763.00
NQSELL 1735.00 TP1 1733.00 TP2 1730.00 SL 1742.00
MM, you didn't scare off FuturesAlpha, did you? I'm beginning to miss his numbers.....
He's been posting his market calls across multiple forums ... all without any explanation. Noticed one site had some or all of 'em deleted or removed it looked like. He continued to post on another forum up through 10-29-09. As for here ... even when asked, he didn't have an explanation nor evidently a sense of humor either.