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ES 12-04-09

Good morning! long 2 es from last night (posted on the re-cap) at 1097.25..COVERING HERE AT 1100.25
Think i'll sell one at 1111.75
!@#! ticked?
Iwas expecting a down move to 1106.75-1117.50...still am
Well for better or for worse i sold one at 1111.75, and am trying to sell one more at 1114.75 so i get an avg price of 1113.25.. no luck so far
..SIGH... one ticked on my attempt to add at 1114.75

filled and stopped at 1114.75 avg price 1113.25 , stopped at 1115.25 loss of 4 total
Refer to the 5 min numbers ..i expect some minor pause here at 1116.25 but i cant sell again till 1118
short at 1117.75
Click image for original size
W ill cover at 1115.75..stop at 1119.25
STOPPED AT 1096.50..loss of 4 total..down 2.5 onthe day. Way to give it all back!