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ES 12-21-09

HMM , Got home late from work. Looks like that 1101.50 projection, was only good for 3.5 handles . next stop is 1105.00-1105.75. also note the 1109.50 resistance....getting some sleep, later!
Intestingly enough is the fact that on that 5 min chart..P.T.'s 100ema (grey) is now at 1107.95
this 1109.75 is a line in the sand for 1108.00 minimum, i think... orders to buy 1108.00 or sell 1111.75 are still active (so far)
buying 1108.25 one only.. too much vol at 1108.00
bingo... 1108.00 im long one here at 1108.25 now it could go to 6.50 .. so my stop is at 1106.00
Click image for original size
Click image for original size
BINGO!aBANDON SHIP AT 1109.25..PLUS ONE HANDLE, BUT UP 3.5 O/N THE DAY AND SATISFIED.. just got up too late today.. see ya!