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Traders wanted for chat room


I am looking for Fixed Income Futures and Index Futures traders to join my chat room. I am looking to create a small community were we can share technical analysis, levels, news and rumours.

I am ideally looking for people with experience in trading. You don't have to be a pro but a little bit of experience is needed as I don't want to let complete beginners join as this isn't intended for training. I understand not everyone trades futures so spreadbetters and CFD traders will be allowed.

The chat room is 100% free and non-commercial. I am simply setting up this chat room to bring traders together and help share information which in turn should benefit everyone involved.

Just a bit about myself, I trade the bund and work for a prop firm in London.

Please PM me with a bit about yourself and then I will invite you to join the chat room. The chat room is hosted through AIM using AIM-blast so you will have to download the AIM software and register with them.

Many thanks,
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