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One Hundred Trillion Dollars

Does anyone want to know what...

...looks like?
Yeah, I know what it looks like. It looks a lot like a once great country swirling down the toilet bowl...

BTW, once we start printing those hundred trillion dollar notes, all that debt is going to be mighty easy to pay off, huh?
love the 3 rocks logo


how much is the note worth in USD?
Originally posted by blue much is the note worth in USD?

I think it's just a few dollars (if that). However the currency halves in value every 1.5 days (I think) so any answer given here will be twice as much as it's worth in 1.5 days time.

Imagine trying to trade that on the forex market.
Zim dollars were officially suspended in the middle of last year, the US dollar is the predominant currency in use in the country.