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How do I Create a Market Profile with Tradestation?

Please help. I am a fairly new trader and I am need help with how to create a market profile for the E-mini SP 500 contract. Thanks.
I asked jbwaynick to post here because he is trying to use the Market Profile Calculator but doesn't know how to get data out of Trade Station. I had directed him to this topic but that only deals with eSignal.

Are there any Trade Station experts out here that can help?

The question is: How do you copy the 30 minute highs and lows into the clipboard from Trade Station?
1. Open a 30-minute chart window for ES for the last two days.

2. Create an indicator with the following Tradestation EasyLanguage code:
print(file( "C:\MyFile.txt"), H, ",", L);

3. Attach indicator in step #2 to chart in step #1. This will write data into a comma-delimited file C:\MyFile.txt.

4. Remove any unwanted data from MyFile.txt; copy & paste data for the current date on Market Profile Calculator.

Hope this helps.
go to tradestation forum and search market profile or market footprint lots of stuff there