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ES short term trading 7-7-10 5921

Just a giant range between 1039 and 1006

key zones

1037 - 1039
1025 - 1028
that's me done at 50.25...taking the loss! I know better....!!
Originally posted by phileo

short 1051, targetting 1049
i think 1051.75 is HoD, stop just above.

out 1051.75, 0.75pt loss...
add 8 points to triples low and we should get there tarrget.....
Kools deadly 13 min targets 1054.69 as the 161
triples and ledges..for some reason when they fail they run it 8 - 10 points so 52.25 - 54.25 they will try to get to.....
there are now two sets of Trips below.....if it wasn't a trend and this late we should trade for them...

Funny thing - Somebody asked me in email about ratchets and I told them that 1050 or 1000 would trade today yet I couldn't take any get such a great target......damn I'm my mind!!!!! Hard to shake a faders mentality!!
selling two at 54.75......this is a no stop trade for 50.75...
close enough,200%
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es 09 10 772010 60 min
flat 54.25...I like the idea of a 50 retest tonight or tomorrow
nice David....
Here's a 30 minute chart of the ES with the DVATool on it showing 1 filled in single print from Tuesday (red horizontal dotted line) and 4 single prints left from today's trading (white horizontal dotted lines).

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ES 7 July 2010 showing 4 single prints left behind on this day.