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Definition of 'Single Print'

What is a Single Print?

A Single Print is a Market Profile concept.

A single print is when a single letter (also know as a single TPO) is printed on a Market Profile Graphic which has prices both above and below it which have multiple TPO's (letters).

Single prints are unconfirmed while there is still a chance that the print will be filled in by the subsequent bracket and are confirmed when the subsequent bracket has closed and they are still showing as single letters on the Market Profile Graphic.

For example, a single print in the I bracket cannot be confirmed until the J bracket has closed and the K bracket has opened. In the example graphic that you see here we see single prints from 6049 to 6052 inclusive.

Single letters at the top or bottom of a Market Profile Graphic are called buying and selling tails and are NOT single prints.

Which Single Print?

When the market breaks away it will leave a series of single prints. The single print that we are interested in is the first one created when the market breaks away. This will be the lowest price with a single print when the market rallies (moves up) and the highest price with a single print when the market breaks (moves down).

In the example graphic that we have on this page the single print that has been left behind is at 6049. We know this because the market will move forward through the letters so we know that the H bracket was formed before the I bracket so the market must have moved up to create the I bracket and the single prints above the H bracket. We therefore select the lowest single print from 6049 to 6052 which is obviously 6049.

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