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Crude oil 7-22-10

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GOING long from the red avg...78.57
MISSED BY ONE TICK!!! chasing from 78.62...78.46-78.47 always a possibility tho!
raising my stop to breakeven!... exit ing 78.82?
wow!! 2 min after my post it hit my 78.82 and turned on a dime!! As seems to be happening a lot to me fill! So i panicked again and bailed at 78.75,for plus 13 cents! Still think we see higher..watching!
No more play by play, just trading...i will be buying 78.47 tho... good luck!!
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...C YA!!
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cl 09 10 7222010 1 min
Thanks Kool.
Great setup and great trade should get your boy VO to join in this crude oil thread....and yes i do see the magic of Kools Tools...thanks again
Also, KB, last swing low of 7863 to 7893 projected 7942. Look at HOD.
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