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Crude oil 7-27-10

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...Long from 78.45
that sure is a long tail down to 7688 and they seem to like to fill those, fwiw
77.10 looks better to me, cause that would also set up positive divergencies...77.59-77.40 (2.618)=78.10
dam! ..almost pulled the trigger at 77.22 but didnt...sigh
I did take longs at .19 and .20 off that projection but scalped out .24 and .26. I left a lot on the table but profit is profit. 2 year treasury auction at top of hour.
great job, pal!!!
Ugh! Talk about a short shot!
SHORT ONE AT 77.64, but... if it doesnt move quickly im out! (better place is above 78!
theres the air fill
7795 = pit .38 plus projection to 7808 off 7688
out at 77.66 no harm no foul.. just dont think its ready yet.. i'll be selling around 78.15
should work its way higher into the pit close... wow, still numb?!..c ya lat