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The Steidlmayer Method

from Steidlmayer on Markets - Trading with Market Profile
Second Edition - John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

p46 - The Steidlmayer Method

The difficulty of getting information on time and then applying it correctly has made fundamental information very hard to work with. As a result, most people do not use it.
Conversely, technical information comes in a nice neat package. It appears to be so easy to use that people flock to it.

that explains a lot about myself - i read this book called FROM HERE TO ECONOMY and it took forever to understand what was going on - then i look at a chart and see what a moving average is and understand it right away. thanks for the quote.
and another thing that i want to say
sorry 'bout last message

i want to say that i think that the guys who did market profile are genuises